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Media Control 2010: Up and Out, Chelsea Girls, and The Social Network

Christian Marclay’s Up and Out is a complex media product of its time.  The artist merges two separate, preexisting films into one to create the 1998 video: a soundless version of Michelangelo Antonioni’s… Continue reading

Through the Disney Portal: Jellyfish and Oil

The experience of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Orlando’s Walt Disney World is one burned permanently into my memory, despite having taken the fantastical journey only once. I recall the… Continue reading

Con Leche and Coca-Cola: Abstracting the Olympic Experience

Various groupings of Diet Coke bottles march through urban streets and alleys in Jordan Wolfson’s Con Leche, a 20-minute video piece. The bottles are filled with milk and exist as animations in a… Continue reading

Reinventing the Sitcom: TV Art and Meaning

The 2010 IKEA Seattle catalog offers many moments of advice on developing my identity by purchasing furniture: “‘You’ is the secret ingredient that gives your home that little something extra.” “Everyone can do… Continue reading

Entering the Pod: Ann Lislegaard and 2001

It is easy to forget the elevator at the Henry Art Gallery if it is not typically essential to your visit.  The elevator’s history may not be as rich as the wall dissected… Continue reading

Double Down

The entrance to Double Down: Two Visions of Vegas at SFMOMA is marked by silver wall text atop a blue vinyl sign, imitating the atomic, neon glamour of Las Vegas in the era of… Continue reading

Gender Performances

WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution is a monumental exhibition.  Many excellent and thoughtful reviews have articulated the impact, the astute curation, and the excitement.  The aspect of the exhibition I found particularly… Continue reading

Video and the Dark

The Getty Center’s California Video is an amazing retrospective considered through the lens of a place intimately involved this medium, both artistically and in the mainstream. Walking through the galleries painted black and… Continue reading