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New American Paintings Blog: Mad Homes Q & A

Mad Homes, the spectacle-filled, mixed bag, out-in-the-world installation on Seattle’s Capitol Hill closes this Saturday.  My write up and interview with participating artist Ryan Molenkamp about the process of working on this project… Continue reading

New American Paintings Blog: Julia Freeman at 4Culture

Julia Freeman wrapped Gallery 4Culture in hand-painted and collaged floral wallpaper;  life-sized cutout photographs of shrubs and dark, amorphous masses float aimlessly within its center, intended to be pulled and arranged within the… Continue reading

Glowing from Afar: The Look of Light with Ulterior Motives

Spencer Finch‘s The Light at Lascaux (Cave Entrance) September 29, 2005 5:27 PM beckons from behind a corner inside Western Bridge. Although only visible through its reflected light prior to physically entering its… Continue reading

The Heartland Machine and Other Concepts from the Future

Parked inside in a small gallery of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art is a Heartland Machine. Heartland Machine is a mobile sculpture that began as a speedboat.  Conceived by Detroit-based Design 99, over… Continue reading

Naughty Teens, Garbanzo Beans, Rancho and Language Games

The gaze is everywhere in Eric Yahnker’s installation Naughty Teens/Garbanzo Beans. It is behind the shades in low-lying plaster sculpture John Wayne Dressed for Tennis. It floats above our heads when projected from… Continue reading

Use, Part 2: Emergency Response Studio

Paul Villinski’s Emergency Response Studio is a sustainable, aesthetic trailer designed to be a mobile artist’s studio (opening today at Ballroom Marfa in Marfa, TX).  In many ways, it is the opposite of… Continue reading

Use, Part 1: Retail/Commercial

Lead Pencil Studio’s Retail/Commercial installation is full of useless items.  There are rows of plastic hangers without clothes, a pile of size rings separated from their hangers, illuminated empty jewelery cases, and decorative display stones… Continue reading

Galaxy of Signifiers: G.I. Joe and Jenny Holzer

While watching the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie trailer during the Superbowl, I remembered an amazing article in the October issue of The Believer recounting the impact of G.I. Joe on… Continue reading

The Things that Didn’t Work

i. 9th Floor by Robin Rhodes ii. Happily Ever After by Ghada Amer iii. Tabula Rasa by Jose Damasceno i. I knew what was behind the blue walls of the freestanding public restroom… Continue reading

Two Parts of The Forty Part Motet

The Forty Part Motet (A Reworking of Spem in Alium Nunquam Habui, by Thomas Tallis) creates a stunning fourteen minutes of interdependence between music and visual art. Although the work is frequently installed… Continue reading