Fiction, Fantasy, Deserts, and Destruction

Article: “Kiddie Orientalism” by Brian T. Edwards in The Believer (June 08 ) Book: The Book on Vegas by Lisa Eisner, Roman Alonso, Noel Daniel, Dave Hickey (intro) Blog: “I will see where… Continue reading

Dangerous Commodity

Playing with the concept of commodity in art can undoubtedly be a dangerous endeavor. Having a personal affinity for classical theory, I frequently find myself coming back to Kant’s contention in his Critique… Continue reading

You, You, and You

Three things that centralize the viewer this week in the arts sphere: 1. Walker on the Green: Artist-Designed Mini Golf The Walker’s series of miniature golf course installations looks like a fantastic experience… Continue reading

Video and the Dark

The Getty Center’s California Video is an amazing retrospective considered through the lens of a place intimately involved this medium, both artistically and in the mainstream. Walking through the galleries painted black and… Continue reading

The Exhibition Age

“It is now widely accepted that the art history of the second half of the 20th century is no longer a history of artworks, but a history of exhibitions.” (Harald Szeemann, via Art… Continue reading

The Neon Homeland

Last weekend, I was in Michigan not seeing any art. My plan had been to delve into the Art in America from May still waiting to be broken into, but I absentmindedly forgot… Continue reading

3 Potentially Amazing Things

1. Dennis Oppenheim’s Saftey Cones at Olympic Sculpture Park. I saw them (there are 5 total) being prepared for installation two days ago, still in 9-ft. halves, waiting patiently outside the pavilion to… Continue reading

Strangers in Our Own Worlds

I’m dying to see Doug Aitken’s Migration: 365 Hotel Rooms, which Tyler Green recently blogged about in relation to the Carnegie International 2008 and Roberta Smith cites as one of the few pieces… Continue reading

Sorry, Out of Gas

I rarely can muster enthusiasm for architecture exhibitions. In the past, I have occasionally admitted this to colleagues, and I am typically met with a look of mystified offense as I continue on… Continue reading

Suburban Utopia via YouTube

On the Slog a few weeks back, Charles Mudede linked to the article “On Borrowed Time, Urban Decline Moves to the Suburbs” by Michael Gecan in the Boston Review. Gecan questions the sustainability… Continue reading