The IKEA Parody

It is nearly impossible to access a kunsthalle in Scandinavia in late August, particularly before 12 pm.  I learned this quickly while traveling there as of late.  Art spaces are also not always… Continue reading

Conspicuous Consumption: Food TV and the Louvre Experience

“Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch” is an essay by Michael Pollan recently published in The New York Times Magazine.  I am the “couch” part of this article. Top Chef, Chopped, Iron… Continue reading

Naughty Teens, Garbanzo Beans, Rancho and Language Games

The gaze is everywhere in Eric Yahnker’s installation Naughty Teens/Garbanzo Beans. It is behind the shades in low-lying plaster sculpture John Wayne Dressed for Tennis. It floats above our heads when projected from… Continue reading

Authentic Objects: Rhinestone vs. Glove

When I saw the largest rhinestone in the world at the Liberace Museum, I was surprised at my own disappointment. It sparkled as much as one would expect as it rotated on a… Continue reading

Spectacular, Spectacular: Venice, Vegas, and the A-Y-P Expo

On Artsbeat, Randy Kennedy recently recounted a Kafkaesque experience receiving his press credentials at the Venice Biennale: “The words ‘grande confusione’ are often heard. They were running through my head as a woman… Continue reading

Entering the Pod: Ann Lislegaard and 2001

It is easy to forget the elevator at the Henry Art Gallery if it is not typically essential to your visit.  The elevator’s history may not be as rich as the wall dissected… Continue reading

Arts Writing and “The New Thing”

Last week’s much talked–about Art Klatch, hosted by Scott Lawrimore at Cafe Presse, briefly touched on the question of whether online media prevents non-arts inclined members of the community from happening upon arts… Continue reading

The Auction as Wunderkammern: Michael Jackson, Nan Goldin, and Liberace

Michael Jackson’s entire life was published in seven auction catalogs, five of which are available for free public viewing on the internet.  The objects up for bidding are organized into simple disciplines: garden… Continue reading

Mr. Peanut and the Imaginary Mayor

Dan Savage’s recent post on Slog announcing the possibility of his running for mayor of Seattle couldn’t help but evoke this image in my mind: Mr. Peanut, artist Vincent Trasov, image by Bob… Continue reading

Use, Part 2: Emergency Response Studio

Paul Villinski’s Emergency Response Studio is a sustainable, aesthetic trailer designed to be a mobile artist’s studio (opening today at Ballroom Marfa in Marfa, TX).  In many ways, it is the opposite of… Continue reading