Two on Five

Jen Graves on Amir Zaki, Ron Nagle and Mark Dombrosky; myself on Gretchen Bennett and Yuki Nakamura here. Advertisements

The Heartland Machine and Other Concepts from the Future

Parked inside in a small gallery of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art is a Heartland Machine. Heartland Machine is a mobile sculpture that began as a speedboat.  Conceived by Detroit-based Design 99, over… Continue reading

Bifocal 4: Fisher Body and WALL-E

“At once avant and pop, horrendously bleak and cheerfully cute, WALL-E is the quintessential twenty-first-century motion picture. Celebrating (or embalming) an obsolete technology, it’s the 2001 of 2008–a postphotographic film set in a… Continue reading

Bifocal 3: Diamond Dust Shoes and the Airport

“The ‘00s really began on December 12th, 2000, the day the Supreme Court blocked Florida from recounting ballots and anointed George W. Bush. Other bad days were to follow—most famously 9/11. But we… Continue reading

Bifocal 2: Avatar and Superlatives

“You go to Las Vegas precisely because you want to be overwhelmed by an excessive visual ordeal. We define and describe spectacle by the use of superlatives, and Wynn tells you on his… Continue reading

Bifocal 1: Rolling Stone and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

“Beckman, now fifty-six, has been hiding in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where, until recently, he has been serving donuts for seven dollars an hour. A look into his eyes will tell you what you already… Continue reading

New Series: Bifocals

Bifocals are instances in popular and visual culture that should be considered together, if only for a moment. For the purposes of Peripheral Vision, Bifocals will include one recognizable image and one relevant… Continue reading

Not Safe for Museums (Seeing Things One at a Time)

A recreation of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Sky Above Clouds IV was painted on a concrete wall outside of my 4th grade classroom. At some point I had learned it was a work of art,… Continue reading

Reinventing the Sitcom: TV Art and Meaning

The 2010 IKEA Seattle catalog offers many moments of advice on developing my identity by purchasing furniture: “‘You’ is the secret ingredient that gives your home that little something extra.” “Everyone can do… Continue reading

These Objects are Loved

“Vortexhibition Polyphonica” is an intimidating exhibition title.  A vortex is a swirling mass, coming from the Latin vertere, meaning “to turn.”  A polyphony is a vocal texture derived from multiple independent voices.  How… Continue reading