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Uncanny Unease: The Digital Eye at the Henry Art Gallery

The digital eye is an uncanny one, at least as it stands in the Henry Art Gallery’s exhibition The Digital Eye: Photographic Art in the Electronic Age. Although this is not true of… Continue reading

New American Paintings Blog: Letting Go of the Weight

Seattle-based gallery SOIL’s March shows Flat & Bright and The ghosts of Joey Veltkamp provide an antidote to the city’s dominance by heavyweight painter Picasso in recent months. I write up these two… Continue reading

Media Control 2010: Up and Out, Chelsea Girls, and The Social Network

Christian Marclay’s Up and Out is a complex media product of its time.  The artist merges two separate, preexisting films into one to create the 1998 video: a soundless version of Michelangelo Antonioni’s… Continue reading

Obscuring the Wunderkammern: Figurehead in the Peabody Essex Museum

Installation artist Charles Sandison has coated the Peabody Essex Museum‘s East India Marine Hall in a dark, drifting sheath of digitized ship logs and journals .  Titled Figurehead, the enlarged strings of writings… Continue reading

Arts Writing and “The New Thing”

Last week’s much talked–about Art Klatch, hosted by Scott Lawrimore at Cafe Presse, briefly touched on the question of whether online media prevents non-arts inclined members of the community from happening upon arts… Continue reading

History, Critical Thinking, and MTV

It is always surreal to happen upon a retrospective on MTV.  Sunday night, I was watching a retrospective of MTV’s Total Request Live show, which ended that day after running for a decade.  Most people over 25… Continue reading

No Known Copyright Restrictions

I can post this image, just as it is, because the Smithsonian recently published a group of photographs from their archives on flickr. They did this while recognizing the fact that these images… Continue reading