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Unearthing the New King Tut

The King Tut of the 1970s is the museum gauntlet, thrown to us all, daring museums to be popular over elitist and inspire the desire for knowledge among the masses through wonder. Inevitably… Continue reading

Obscuring the Wunderkammern: Figurehead in the Peabody Essex Museum

Installation artist Charles Sandison has coated the Peabody Essex Museum‘s East India Marine Hall in a dark, drifting sheath of digitized ship logs and journals .  Titled Figurehead, the enlarged strings of writings… Continue reading

Pop Culture on the Rocks: Lost Guggenheims, Fallen Showgirls and the Liberace Museum

The last time I visited the Liberace Museum, an older woman invited me to try on a giant, patchwork coat. Providing the requisite opportunity for participation the way almost all American museums now… Continue reading

Rooftop Spectacle and a Soft Breeze: Big Bambú at the Met

Big Bambú: You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop is a colossal bamboo sculpture by Doug and Mike Starn installed on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art through October 31 that… Continue reading

A Post-Precarious Disquieting

When asked to reflect on the art of the first ten years of the millenium, Hal Foster focused on the precarious: works that created meaning from the uncertain circumstances of their time. The… Continue reading

Bifocal 5: Dreams Come True and NBC

“There’s a reason why the otherwise antithetical Leno and Conan camps are united in their derision of NBC’s titans. A TV network has become a handy proxy for every mismanaged, greedy, disloyal and… Continue reading

The Heartland Machine and Other Concepts from the Future

Parked inside in a small gallery of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art is a Heartland Machine. Heartland Machine is a mobile sculpture that began as a speedboat.  Conceived by Detroit-based Design 99, over… Continue reading

Bifocal 2: Avatar and Superlatives

“You go to Las Vegas precisely because you want to be overwhelmed by an excessive visual ordeal. We define and describe spectacle by the use of superlatives, and Wynn tells you on his… Continue reading

Not Safe for Museums (Seeing Things One at a Time)

A recreation of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Sky Above Clouds IV was painted on a concrete wall outside of my 4th grade classroom. At some point I had learned it was a work of art,… Continue reading

These Objects are Loved

“Vortexhibition Polyphonica” is an intimidating exhibition title.  A vortex is a swirling mass, coming from the Latin vertere, meaning “to turn.”  A polyphony is a vocal texture derived from multiple independent voices.  How… Continue reading