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Media Control 2010: Up and Out, Chelsea Girls, and The Social Network

Christian Marclay’s Up and Out is a complex media product of its time.  The artist merges two separate, preexisting films into one to create the 1998 video: a soundless version of Michelangelo Antonioni’s… Continue reading

Bifocal 9: The Recovery of Bruce and Breaking with the Modern

“No ‘theory’ of modernity makes sense today unless it comes to terms with the hypothesis of a postmodern break with the modern.” Excerpt from A Singular Modernity: Essay on the Ontology of the… Continue reading

Visual Extras: Rachel Whiteread and SOIL in Residence

In “The 2010 Film Issue” of The Believer, Alex Rose writes on the bonus disc phenomenon and the impact of its philosophy on contemporary culture. The bonus disc is the information excess and… Continue reading

Bifocal 7: Back to the Future and Modernist Space

“Empty space becomes both fertile and intimidating in modernist special effects, like an extension of Wagner’s blackened gulf between audience and the lit stage at Bayreuth. The blank and unobstructed suggest absence as… Continue reading

Bifocal 4: Fisher Body and WALL-E

“At once avant and pop, horrendously bleak and cheerfully cute, WALL-E is the quintessential twenty-first-century motion picture. Celebrating (or embalming) an obsolete technology, it’s the 2001 of 2008–a postphotographic film set in a… Continue reading

Bifocal 2: Avatar and Superlatives

“You go to Las Vegas precisely because you want to be overwhelmed by an excessive visual ordeal. We define and describe spectacle by the use of superlatives, and Wynn tells you on his… Continue reading

Entering the Pod: Ann Lislegaard and 2001

It is easy to forget the elevator at the Henry Art Gallery if it is not typically essential to your visit.  The elevator’s history may not be as rich as the wall dissected… Continue reading

Gender Performances

WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution is a monumental exhibition.  Many excellent and thoughtful reviews have articulated the impact, the astute curation, and the excitement.  The aspect of the exhibition I found particularly… Continue reading

Images in Search of a Narrative

Jeremy Shaw’s 7 Minutes is an arresting work of video art.  Currently in the loop of 25 videos that comprise Thermostat: Video and the Pacific Northwest in SAM’s Ketcham Forum Gallery, I pass… Continue reading

Identity Queue

As I sit in my living room, directly opposite a pile of three unwatched Netflix discs, I can’t help but think of John Swansburg’s recent analysis of this topic in Slate (via Paul… Continue reading