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Pop Culture on the Rocks: Lost Guggenheims, Fallen Showgirls and the Liberace Museum

The last time I visited the Liberace Museum, an older woman invited me to try on a giant, patchwork coat. Providing the requisite opportunity for participation the way almost all American museums now… Continue reading

The Revolution Begins with a Trash Can

Exhibiting art created for city streets in a museum setting is a difficult undertaking. The interior of an institution can often be one of the farthest environments from an “urban landscape.” As gated… Continue reading

Michael Jackson’s Unused Furniture

An essay I wrote on the Julien’s 2010 Summer Sale (a true wunderkammer of an auction) at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas is in the fall issue of ARCADE, available online… Continue reading

Bifocal 10: Vogue Italia and Hyperreality

“The industry of the Absolute Fake gives a semblance of truth to the myth of immortality through the play of imitations and copies, and it achieves the presence of the divine in the… Continue reading

Julien’s Cabinet of Wonder

Julien’s Auctions hosted their “Music Icons” and “Hollywood Legends” summer sales at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas from June 24-27. “A bloody piece of wood, a stuffed beaver, an elephant’s… Continue reading

Bifocal 9: The Recovery of Bruce and Breaking with the Modern

“No ‘theory’ of modernity makes sense today unless it comes to terms with the hypothesis of a postmodern break with the modern.” Excerpt from A Singular Modernity: Essay on the Ontology of the… Continue reading

Visual Extras: Rachel Whiteread and SOIL in Residence

In “The 2010 Film Issue” of The Believer, Alex Rose writes on the bonus disc phenomenon and the impact of its philosophy on contemporary culture. The bonus disc is the information excess and… Continue reading

Desert Ephemera: Parts I & II

I. “What’s so special about this thing, again?” a younger cashier asked to her older coworker. After a short pause, the older coworker replied, “Nothing.” The object in question was a matted pair… Continue reading

Bifocal 2: Avatar and Superlatives

“You go to Las Vegas precisely because you want to be overwhelmed by an excessive visual ordeal. We define and describe spectacle by the use of superlatives, and Wynn tells you on his… Continue reading

The IKEA Parody

It is nearly impossible to access a kunsthalle in Scandinavia in late August, particularly before 12 pm.  I learned this quickly while traveling there as of late.  Art spaces are also not always… Continue reading