Bifocal 3: Diamond Dust Shoes and the Airport

“The ‘00s really began on December 12th, 2000, the day the Supreme Court blocked Florida from recounting ballots and anointed George W. Bush. Other bad days were to follow—most famously 9/11. But we never recovered from 12/12, spent the rest of the decade trying to forget it and mostly succeeded. Before you knew it, we were at the airport, waiting in line to take off our shoes. Why? Who knew? We just were.”

Excerpt from “A Decade of Lost Chances” by Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone Issue 1094/1095 December 24, 2009-January 7, 2010: 15-16. Print.

Image: Andy Warhol, Diamond Dust Shoes, 1980, silkscreen ink and diamond dust on paper. Image from